Do you recognize that feeling when you just have to do something? That is exactly what happend when I saw the blog function of this website. Being a photographer you can expose your work on the world-wide-web, and everyone has a different motivation to get there work out there. Exposure, sales & pride just to name a few of the reasons to share your work. So did I! My website was made and I was also able to share my work on the big world wide web.

Nice... so your website is online... and waiting for people to find it... Basically like a fisherman throwing out his bait in the water and hoping for the fish to bite. That fishing season lasted a year :-) The website starts to catch some dust, you start to neglecting to update your portfolio and it slips away.

Thats when the 'pling' happend and I had to start the blog you are currently reading. Not to much content, just my opinion & adventures in the world called photography. I hope you enjoy it!


Get your gear out and see you some where out there!

Photography Is A Lifestyle.