When the weather is to 'good' to photograph during the day, you can always visit Schiphol Oost. As a part of airport Schiphol it houses the KLM Jet Center. The location is very friendly to photograph all the parked business jets and more. 

Only the fence is blocking you from taking photo's from the aircraft. Be sure to park your car near the hangars and walk to the fence and pick your spot!

Be sure to bring :

  • DSLR camera + trigger for night photo's
  • Tripod
  • Wide angle (15-70mm)
  • Telelens (70-200mm)

As the sun was setting the yellow, orange & pink colors are starting to dominate the sky. Time line-up the gear and start composing some shots. With the sun setting behind the aircraft you can be sure to get some nice backlit pictures. Everything depends if there are any aircraft waiting to be photographed, but that is all in the game.

Be sure to check it out!