Just go out and have some fresh air! That is the best way to describe this small Sunday evening trip to Schiphol Airport. Off course the weather is a factor, but it is not something we can force to happen when we need it. A typical dutch grey overcast, that was the best way to describe it.

Did we care? Not really, the departing planes heading for the sky high grey clouds did not bother us at all. The camera gear was ready and it tempted us to try different settings and even just to look at the planes taking off. Testing how good the 2x extender is on a 70-200L2.8 II ended up being the subject of matter. After all, practice makes perfect.

Some fine tuning is needed, especially while using the 2x extender. It does not always give sharp images when it is stacked on. In the fine tuning menu on your DSLR you can tweak the settings with the extender. Trail and error. 

I can highly recommend to just take your gear out for a spin, even with not so perfect weather. To force your self to become creative in different angles, light or just to test your luck.

And there is always a reason to get a coffee :-)