"Veteran - a person who has served in a military force, especially one who has fought in a war"

My grandpa served his country along time ago, but is that something to forget? He invited me to join him for the national veterans day in Rotterdam. The day to remember the effort, work and sacrifice they made for us to be able to life the way we do today. The mayor of Rotterdam welcomed us at the van Ghent kazerne located in Kralingen. During his speech the words of gratitude for the effort of freedom were clearly present.

It was humble to be among these men that each and everyone gave an sacrifice for basically each and everyone of us. The barracks of the van Ghent kazerne gave us a small view of the beginning and start of the military career one can do. The military march band, the barracks and the people showed there pure proudness to be part of this. After our national anthem with the following minute of silence to remember the fallen comrades it was time to walk around and go for lunch.

After the lunch and meet & greet with his fellow veterans it was time to head home. The home were we are still safe and continue to be safe thanks to there effort and the effort of the current generation. That put things in perspective...