The first real airshow of this year was planned! Hotel, tickets and transportation booked and ready! Time to hit the road and head for Yeovilton Air Day 2018 at Yeovilton Airbase. First we had to drive to the ferry from Dunkirk to Dover. With the nice M25 ahead we had a blast watch all the cars... though it did cause a bit of a delay. What was suppose to be a 2 hour trip ended up taking 4 hours.


Yeovilton Air Base is also home of the Fleet Air Museum that is located on the base.Up to 40.000 people are to be expected for a show visit, with a nice line-up up of flying displays we should end-up with some nice shots!

After a somewhat long trip from Dover we headed for our hotel located close to Stonehenge

Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton, or RNAS Yeovilton, (IATAYEOICAOEGDY) (HMS Heron) is an airfield of the Royal Navy and British Army, sited a few miles north of YeovilSomerset. It is one of two active Fleet Air Arm bases (the other being RNAS Culdrose) and is currently home to the Royal Navy Wildcat HMA2 and Army Air CorpsWildcat AH1 helicopters as well as the Royal Navy's Commando Helicopter Force Merlin HC3/3A/i3 and Wildcat AH1 helicopters.

On saturday we visited the Yeovilton Air Day, an airshow hosted on Yeovilton Airbase with a nice demo and static line-up. With blue skies and a nice crowd, here are some results : 

Arrived early to get our tickets and went on the base... and it was HOT! With temperatures above the 35°C it was not the most perfect photography weather... We do not blame the weather for being too nice, we had blast and enjoyed the show. A rather small show with a great line that is really worth a visit!